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The included charger and usb cable only worked with the Life Jacket 2.

They wouldn’t charge any of my other devices, but thankfully the Life Jacket 2 can be charged by every other cable I have.

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This thing is a brick, at 2lbs and 3.125″ x 7.5″ x 2.825”, it has some real heft to it. It has ‘voice confirmation’ which means it tells you when it is turning on, pairing, or turning off.

The buttons feel ‘thin’ through the rubber coating.

I also paired it through my kindle and laptop, both connected on the first try.

It has an aux-in and cable for anything that can’t connect via Bluetooth.

I already bring a power brick with me, I might as well bring one that doubles as a speaker.It comes with an AC adapter and usb cable for charging.This was the largest disappointment, but easily overcome.I found it just as easy to tie it to the canoe when I went.The speaker is 2 lbs, and while I believe the bracket will hold on to the speaker, constant vibration, like on a bike, is going to cause the speaker to move the bracket and not point where you aimed it.

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