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In fact, for any mics connected with i Audio Interface2, you can copy the calibration numbers from Audio Tools and enter them into Audio Tools Wireless.For i Test Mic, since the calibration is stored in the mic and transmitted to the app when it starts, the same calibration is passed along to Audio Tools, so you can just plug and go.In diesem Fenster kannst Du knotenbasierte Programme erstellen, welche die vielfältige Funktionalität von Rhino automatisieren können.Eine bewährte Methode ist es, die Fenster so nebeneinander anzuordnen, dass sie sich nicht überlappen und Grasshopper nicht die Ansichtsfenster von Rhino versperrt.To conserve battery power, you can turn off the screen with the power button, and Audio Tools Wireless will continue to send audio to the host device.

Tap this button, and select from the list of available clients running Audio Tools wireless.

The remote Generator function can also be disable on the Audio Tools Wireless app, if you want only local control of the generator.

To set up Audio Tools Wireless, calibrate any microphones just as you would in Audio Tools.

And, since the hardware is not connected for us to change gain ranges and other parameters, the Line Input modules cannot be fully used.

Only the i Audio Interface microphoneinput is currently supported.

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