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At 19, he met his wife, Michelle, a US citizen, and they have been together ever since.

Diego worked at any job he could find to support his family: landscaping, construction, and lately welding, his best-paying job so far. “I was doing very well.” He and Michelle were expecting their third child.

One man began screaming, and Ricky found him covered in a thick layer of angry bees that detached themselves and swarmed Ricky.

He started working as a painter, making about US0 a week – on good weeks.

Diego asked repeatedly for a breath test, but was not given one.

Police found a single marijuana cigarette in his car.

On Christmas Day, 2016, Diego was driving to his parents´ house when a police car stopped him. He said he had had two beers at a friend’s house six hours earlier.

Police conducted a sobriety test, and said he failed.

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