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The wind was strong, it was starting to heat up, and I had nothing left in my legs.

For the final hour I averaged 254w, and in the end I averaged 292w for the entire bike ride. Here is the file (note: this is a good example of how a bike file should NOT look!

I was happy because I had achieved my goal of swimming in the second pack.

I went around the two swimmers and tried to bridge the gap.

I knew I was swimming well because about 200m in the lead stand up paddle board was still very close (maybe 15m ahead), and a front pack had not yet formed (at least not one separate from me).

Not too long after, I sighted and noticed a gap had opened up two guys in front of me.

In other words, zero reduction in swim volume leading into the race.

Usually I look for a target set of feet to draft, but in all honesty, there is only one set of feet I am interested in now, and that is those of the front pack.

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