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Because of the informal nature of this system, there is no single "correct" or "official" usage.

There may be some overlap in the way various letters are transliterated.

Most of these technologies originally permitted the use of the Latin script only, and some still lack support for displaying Arabic script.

As a result, Arabic-speaking users frequently transliterate Arabic text into Latin script when using these technologies to communicate.

is an alphabet used to communicate in Arabic over the Internet or for sending messages via cellular phones.

Arabish is used to replace Arabic script, and this has raised concerns regarding the preservation of the quality of the language.

The application has chat functionality, a tool to search and filter profiles while seeing their profile pictures, and anything else you need to meet any other user who wants to meet you.

Boy Ahoy Gay Chat is a very useful application for male users interested in meeting other male users.

is represented using the numeral 3 because the latter looks like a horizontal reflection of the former).

Since many letters are distinguished from others solely by a dot above or below the main portion of the character, the transliterations of these letters frequently use the same letter or number with an apostrophe added before or after (e.g.

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